Friday, July 10, 2009

Is new always better?

Well here we are about a week into the new RedHotPie and in the main it has been met with enthusiasm and positive comment by RHP’ers. Some users though have questioned why we wanted to or bothered to make a new look RHP. I wonder if the naysayers simply don’t like change and are uncomfortable with not having things exactly where they were use to it previously.

That then brings us to the title question, is new always better? Well we here in the RHP team certainly hope so as the whole team has put their heart and soul (not to mention a big pile of money) into creating the new RHP. So, why did we do it? For several reason really, just like car makers create new models of their cars to make something that is starting to look a little tired and dated into something fresh, new and exciting, we wanted to create a fresh, new and exciting RHP which would be a better user experience for you all. The old RHP site had served all us swingers very well for many years but was seriously web 1.0 and it has been quite a few years now since modern web design and architecture had moved past the web 2.0 mark. We wanted a wider format so there was more ‘white space’ available to make looking at the site softer and cleaner and we needed more space to add in more fun stuff on particular pages. The old RHP site had been built in pieces over the years and bolted together which wasn’t the ideal situation, the new site has been seamlessly built in one go by a coordinated team effort and is now easier for future development and ongoing maintenance.

I personally think change is great. Change makes you think.....with our desire to update RHP it certainly gave us the opportunity to think about how we can make RedHotPie better for you to use, and more desirable for you to use. We certainly didn’t invest the thinking, time, stress, effort and money without having ‘make it better’ as our goal.

Ultimately, as I said in my opening par, the majority of RHP’ers have loved the new site and we’d like to say thanks for your positive feedback.


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  1. Congratulations Redhotpie,
    The new site is awesome and all the new features are fantastic.
    The site is so much more interactive and personal.
    Each profile has all the information on it that you need to communicate to others about what they have been up to on rhp. It is a great way to see all about the patrons of rhp and what they are thinking and doing.
    The features are next to none, there is no other site around where all the information about a patron is located in one spot and that is a credit to rhp for putting in the time to give us all a simple and clear and effective way to communicate with other likeminded adults.
    We have been on RHP for many years and enjoy watching the growth and people come into the site and enjoy the whole experience.
    Thanks RHP you are the BEST!
    Max and the team...keep up the good work we will be on here for many more years to come.
    Couples International
    Bryan and Leesa.