Friday, July 3, 2009

RedHotPie unveils exciting new user interface

Welcome to the brand spanking new RHP. The RedHotPie techos’, designers and marketing gurus (as well as everyone else in the office) have been working their little fingers to the bone for the past year or so to create the first ever ‘cover to cover’ rebuild of the RHP site since it first went live in December 2002. We hope you really like it.

We wanted to achieve a fresh modern look that is easier to use and packs in a whole lot more fun. It became quite obvious to us some time ago that lots of RHPer’s are using the site for their sexy social networking as well as those who use it to make dates. I remember recently reading a girls RHP profile recently that said “this site is like a sexier Facebook”. So with these things in mind we’ve added some cool social networking style info and user connectivity as well as enhancing a lot of the other regular RHP features and applications. I particularly like the new user profile with its wider, cleaner look and a couple of excellent tools like the slideshow player for photos and a new button called ‘Short List’ where you can add people to your short list when you are looking through profiles so you can come back to them at the end and easily relook at the ones that caught your eye. I know I’m looking forward to using this tool in my searches (yes, I do use RHP as well to find my hot

Another new addition is to the Amateur Pics section called ‘Hot or What?’. This is RHP’s new photo rating fun and is sure to get a solid working out as it makes it really easy to cruise through users profile pics. As Adult Forums are a big part of what many RHPer’s like to use we have now given them their own tab in the top navigation bar for easier access and topics are now shown Australia wide as default and state based topics as sub-sections. There is a bunch more new stuff that we hope you enjoy finding and using as well as more new features to be rolled out over the coming months.

I really want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the whole RHP team for their extreme efforts and dedication not only to this new RHP project but for turning up every day to the RHP bunker with the single minded notion of making RedHotPie the best online dating and social networking experience for users and members.

As this is my first blog entry I hope you enjoyed reading it and I will be adding to it regularly so please check back from time to time and catch up with what’s going on in RHP land.

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