Friday, August 14, 2009

RHP big in the media

Sorry it’s been a little while in updating my blog but it sure has been a busy month in between. Over the past few weeks RHP has been in the media everywhere. TV, Radio, Newspapers and a whole bunch of websites picked up on the results from our fun state v’s state, guys rate girls/girls rate guys survey and shared it with the whole of Australia. We made the front page of the Hobart Mercury and the media in the ACT was all a buzz with what the girls had to say about guys there...LOL. It was also a popular subject on metro and regional radio station breakfast shows and Kerri-Anne had a bit of a giggle while talking about it during her channel 9 morning show.

Also, our good friends Bryan and Leesa from Couples International Club in Brisbane were on radio with Kyle & Jackie O talking about their polyamorous relationship, and of course, RedHotPie, and the him half of RHP’s awesome ‘Date Doctors’ duo Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker did a few radio interviews to drop the RHP brand name.

Back in the RHP bunker we have been working away tidying up a few loose ends on the new site. On RHP itself, the new format for Forums is going great with the number of daily posts doubling since the new site went live and if you have never taken a look in our Adult Forums then pop on in because you’ll find a lot of awesome RHP’ers contributing their thoughts to some really interesting discussions.


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