Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Great Australian Sex Census by RedHotPie

Last week we launched The Great Australian Sex Census. We thought it our duty to find out what really goes on in the bedrooms, bathrooms and even maybe the backyards of Australia so we know how sexy us Aussies really are. Like the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census, we hope to grab a snapshot of Australians is in the early 21st century but we are asking the questions the ABS are too afraid to ask.

The Great Australian Sex Census 2009 is designed to find out who we like and how we like it in this day and age and I’m sure the results will be very interesting and enlightening.

We need the biggest group of respondents we can possibly get so the results have a true reflection of sexy modern Australia. Our target is 20,000 responses so if you haven’t completed the Sex Census yet please hop to it as well as tell all your friends please. The GASC closes 31st October.

Looking forward to the results.


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