Thursday, October 1, 2009

More RHP success

Another RHP success story/testimonial has recently hit our desk from bettyboop03 to let us know that RedHotPie help her find the man of her dreams and they have recently married and are now extremely happy. She also went on to thank RHP for helping them find each other.

Now I have to tell you that nothing excites us in the RHP bunker more than hearing that all the hard work done at this end has resulted in two people finding the happiness of an enduring relationship. Congratulations guys and we all wish you happiness and a great life together.

If you have not yet taken a peek into the Testimonials pages it is certainly worth a few minutes as there is a huge number of past and present RHP’ers who have taken the time to share their RHP success experiences.

Whilst the large and diverse community of RedHotPie is many things to many people, at its core is ability for people to connect and slanted towards actually meeting with a view to some kind of relationship. When that happens, it makes the RHP team very proud that the product created and grown with effort from heart and soul is connecting a lot of people and making a lot of people very happy.

I’m sure there is still many thousands of untold RHP hook-up stories so please take a moment to click the link and tell us about your successful RHP experience.


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