Thursday, June 3, 2010

There's Nothing Like Australia - RedHotPie

With the new ‘There's Nothing Like Australia’ campaign being launched by Tourism Australia recently, we here at RedHotPie HQ are feeling especially patriotic (and rightly so). It’s got us thinking about the online dating landscape in Australia and just how un-Australian it is becoming.

With what appears to be an effect of the GFC in Europe and America, Australia has seen an explosion of international dating sites pushing into the local marketplace in an attempt to prop up sagging revenues in their home territories - a move that obviously been made due to desperation rather than good business practice. Australia only has 22 million people!! It seems these offshore sites have focused solely on Australia’s enviable weathering of the GFC rather than the limited size of our market. The reality is that Australians have been well served by home-grown, world leading online dating sites like RedHotPie, Adult Matchmaker, RSVP and Yes Dating for the last decade.

Whilst RedHotPie has a much loved loyal user/member base, every business needs to continually attract new clients and it's with this in mind that I ask every Aussie to take a pause the next time they are about to use or spend money with an online dating site and ask themselves, ‘is this site Australian? Will my subscription fees or message credit payments stay in Australia, paying wages of Aussies, and yes, making profits for Australian companies who employ Aussies?’
Don't send your money and Australian jobs overseas. Be Australian, buy Australian and date with an Aussie!

RedHotPie is proudly Australian owned; it’s made by Aussies, employing Aussies, for simply can't get better than that.



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  1. To say truth really there's Nothing Like Australia RedHotPie. Simply we cant get better than this..